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Hi, my name is Lisa Adriane. I’m blogging since the very end of 2010 (yes, that’s before all this 3G, and free-wifi everywhere were available – let’s speak of the stone age!). I have always dedicated my blogs to some specific themes, but my attempt with is the following, to have a personal blog. Wow, starting a personal blog in 2019 is truly revolutionary /sarcasm off. But well, honestly, it kind of really is. Everyone and its neighbour are an Insta Influencer nowadays, sharing everything on a closed network. What, if all the servers get a major outage and won’t function for a week? Thousands of people worldwide will be without a job, without reason in life… image the suicidal rate if something like this would happen!! So, that’s the reason I’m setting up this blog. To create a space for my personal stuff and offering room for comments and just entertainment.

a bit personal about me

I’m in my mid 20’s – that the age you should start, at the very latest, using an eye cream to avoid all the bad wrinkles and stuff, I love blogs but not social media, I enjoy solo travel and have just found a passion for hiking, and spending time in nature. Another sign I’m getting old. Besides that, I prefer any SpaceX launch live stream over any romantic movie or RomCon, and weirdly, in winter I prefer reading on my kindle, in summer I prefer real paper books. And, I absolutely dislike, when people use more than one ! or ? at a time. as seen below.

my blogging carreer – so far!!

Back at the End of 2010, I have started my first Blog. Nine years ago I can’t even remember the name. Then, on January 1st 2011, I have launched, an automotive blog. In the meantime I do not own this domain anymore, someone else does now, but my YouTube Channel from back in the day (launched in 2008!) is still online – check it out for some flashbacks to how youtube worked back in the good old days without vlogs and unpacking videos.

I’m super busy all the time – more soon! 😉

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