Falafel at Lake Constance – Izmir Kebap Turkish Döner Restaurant in Friedrichshafen

Falafel Friedrichshafen Izmir Kebap LisaAdriane

Falafel is not widely available at Lake Constance. However, one place you can get them is Izmir Kebap Turkish Döner Restaurant in Friedrichshafen. Not too far the city centre with the harbours, the location is quite convenient. May you be passing through Friedrichshafen by car, by bus (station Friedrichshafen Hafen is nearby), or by foot (the city is 1 minute away), you can always reach Turkish Restaurant Izmir Kebap. Initially opened in 1986, Izmir Kebap is the oldest Turkish restaurant in the city, offering guests excellent dishes for more than 30 years.

As a vegetarian, I have always enjoyed their vegetarian Döner and vegetarian Dürüm with sheep milk-cheese, however, the other day I was offered Falafel for my Kebap. How amazing! My vegetarian Falafel Döner consisted of big Falafel balls, regular Döner filling like green salad, slaw, pepperoni, onions and white Joghurt sauce. The falafel wasn’t crispy, what I actually enjoyed in my warm Döner bread, as they have been easy to eat. But don’t be too generous with the spice, as it’s quite spicy!

Address: Paulinenstr. 4, 88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany
Opening hours: daily 11 am – 10 pm, only Friday and Saturday until 11 pm

Falafel Friedrichshafen Izmir Kebap

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