Are you over-obsessed with tracking yourself? Thats good!

Do you count your daily steps or the amount you slept at night? With the help of a smartwatch/activity tracker and apps? No worries, you are not alone, I do it too!, but what else are you tracking of yourself? It’s usual for a woman to track the menstrual circle, not only if you (don’t) want to get pregnant, a regular circle is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. What’s more concerning is the amount we, humans, are tracking our human body. Or actions if our body doesn’t fit the norm.

At night you barely had any deep sleep, but you still feel pretty rested, yet you have to take some sleeping pills to adjust the amount of deep sleep, only to make your app happy. Excuse moi, but why? Why the need to track your body to an extreme? Why not let your body do its thing, and use your brain capacity for something more meaningful?

The Benefits of tracking your health-related symptoms

Once a month, you have to suffer from a mean headache, and you don’t know the reason? Well, tracking some other aspects of your life could give you, or your doctor, a better insight. Does it always happen a day before your monthly visit to your inlaws, or after you do this particular class at your local gym? Well, in this case, your symptoms might be traced down to fear/anxiety or dehydration. Case solved, next!

If it just were this easy all the time… But this requires quite an amount of data about your body, your behaviour and your eating habits. One day, all your tracking might help be worth it and could help solve a medical concern. Or, it’s just wasted time. Let’s hope for the later and continue doing it 😅

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