How much Coffee is too much caffeine?

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I just love coffee! But have you ever asked yourself how much coffee is just too much? Well, apparently there is such thing as a caffeine calculator. Just type in your preferred type of beverage, as well as your personal weight. And within seconds you will learn about your individual maximum dosage per day, and, more interestingly (just kidding), the amount used for a lethal dosage.

First, I have fed the calculator with one of my favourite drinks in those hot summer months, the pre-packaged bottled Starbucks Frappuccino. Considering my body weight is 60 kg, my maximum dosage per day is 2,8 bottles. Otherwise, I will face a caffeine overdose. The lethal dosage of Starbucks Frappuccino is more than 78 bottles, per day. Considering one bottle has 200 ml, that’s a lot of bottled milk-coffees to drink. (I guess I would fathom by the amount of milk, and other ingredients first, not by the amount of caffeine itself).

Another example is the good old americano. Still calculating with the 60 kg body weight, the daily safe maximum is 2,3 cups a day, considering one cup is equal to 354 ml. The lethal dosage would be 58.6 cups of Americano Coffee. Equal to around 20 litres of black Americano coffee. You need to be very thirsty, and sleepy, to drink that much coffee in a single day.

delicious Flat White in Canberra, Australia
delicious Flat White in Canberra, Australia

Lastly, I have run the caffeine calculator for info on Coca-Cola classic. The daily safe maximum is 10,6 cans, each containing 354 ml, a day. So, it is safe to drink up to three litres of Coca-Cola per day, caffeine-wise only of course. The lethal dosage of caffeine in Coca-Cola is 265,5 cans, equal to around 100 litres.

So, to keep your caffeine consumption on a healthy basis, try to stay under your personal daily limit for caffeine. But keep in mind you might drink several beverages containing caffeine during the span of a day.
To check out the calculator yourself, visit

The first photo was taken at Ona coffee, Canberra.

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