What is mineral sunscreen and why is it better than regular?

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Protection against the sun’s rays is important, especially in summer. At best, you should cream yourself several times a day with protective sunscreen. But, really healthy conventional sunscreen is not really. In fact, a recent study found that chemicals contained in commonly used sunscreens are absorbed into the bloodstream after just one day. It’s all about avobenzone, oxybenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene.

Why is that a problem? The four “culprits” are packed with toxic chemicals that are known to disrupt hormones, irritate the skin, and thus are simply not good. Not to mention that they demonstrably kill coral. The use of sunscreen not only harms people but also nature – although they should actually protect!
However, two ingredients have been determined to be safe and harmless, these are each mineral substances: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Moral of the story, it’s time to switch to a clean sunscreen! But how does one know as a consumer whether a sunscreen is technically clean? And which should one choose?
To simplify the search for a “good” sunscreen, follow a basic rule: look for mineral or physical sunscreen (“mineral sunscreen”) and for the folloting ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These two ingredients actually form a physical block between the sun and the skin, so that the (harmful) rays cannot penetrate it/your skin.

But what should be noted, especially before a first application: Due to the zinc, the mineral sunscreen is not (as) easy to rub in. The whitish residue is actually the biggest drawback to using mineral sunscreen. Thanks to new compositions and technological advances, however, the application has become much better in the meantime. Here is a list of mineral sunscreen products, as an overview for you about the current offer:



Have you ever heard of mineral sunscreen, and used it? If yes, which brands do you use?

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