The only reason I am watching the Female FIFA Soccer World Cup 2019

female FIFA soccer world cup 2019 adidas matchball conext 19

If you didn’t know the Female FIFA Soccer World Cup 2019 is currently on, you might have lived under a rock for the past few weeks. This year’s cup is taking place in France, in stadiums all over the country. As a German myself, of course, I’m ruling for the German national team. It’s particularly not like I’m super interested in soccer at all (my knowledge about this sport is very limited), but I’m watching and talking about it with colleagues and friends, as I want to support it. The male FIFA World Cup or Euro Cup is always such a huge happening, everyone is watching, public viewings everywhere, but for the woman? We can be grateful it’s even mentioned in the news. Therefore, that’s the reason I’m following and watching the female FIFA Soccer World Cup 2019 – to support the girls and their sport.

Are you watching soccer at all, and are you following the FIFA World Cup that is currently taking place?

Disclaimer: the picture shows this year official match ball, the Adidas CONEXT 19, I got it as a gift by Qatar Airways, the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2019. This did not affect my opinion on the sport.

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