Seehasenfest, the local children festival in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance starts today

Seehasenfest 2019 Lisa Adriane

Today in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, the annual children’s festival starts. When retrieving childhood memories of Seehasenfest in Friedrichshafen, it has always either been super hot, or it rained. Honestly, I can’t even remember one year with something in-between. Typically in mid-July, Seehasenfest takes place in Friedrichshafen since 1949, a loved event since decades! Carousels small and big, fast and slow, booths selling sweets and grilled goods, music, beer gardens, various sports competitions so much more, it’s just a blast for kids, and adults even so.

The whole event starts on Thursday at 4 pm with the opening of the amusement park near the ferry harbour. It is followed by the official opening ceremony beginning at 5 pm at the smaller gondola port of the city, with a traditional drumming concert. However, the real highlight is the big firework on the Seehasen-Saturday – currently, the weather forecast predicts rain, we’ll see if it actually happens… Anyway, you can find more about all the events happening during Seehasenfest 2019 on the following website: (unfortunately there is no English version available)

Porsche Traktor towing Zeppelin in Friedrichshafen during Seehasenfest parade
Seehasenfest Parade on Sunday, celebrating the history of the City – here the famous Zeppelin towed by a Porsche Traktor (both built in Friedrichshafen)

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