Suburra Blood on Rome – what I’m currently binge-watching on Netflix

Suburra Blood on Rome

Suburra Blood on Rome isn’t a completely new series on Netflix. But, after the first season was released back ithOctober 2017, the second one got released at the end of February 2019. Being obsessed with Rome, I sure had to give Suburra on Netflix a try. Within just a few days I have binge-watched season 1, season 2 will follow the next few days. Suburra is about rivaling families, and how problems are solved in mafia-circles. The sale of property in Rome reveals a network of politics, crime and the Church, bringing together three young criminals who want to participate by all means in the business.
The music used is also always very good, such as Acida by Prozac+, played during the moment Spadi probably fell in love with Aureliano.
A very addictive series! 👏🥰 And a third season was already announced.

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