How to watch NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Ascent Abort-2 Test live today

NASA Orion Spacecraft Ascent Abort2 Test

Today we will witness an exciting space-live stream! The Ascent Abort-2 flight test of the launch abort system for NASA’s Orion spacecraft, featuring a test version of the crew module, will lift off from Space Launch Complex 46 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Tuesday, July 2. The four-hour launch window opens at 7 a.m. EDT (1 pm MESZ / central European summer time). NASA TV will broadcast launch activities, starting at 6:40 a.m. in the live stream embedded below.

AA-2 mission patch

With the weather at 80 percent go for launch and everything proceeding as planned, optimism and enthusiasm were high at Monday morning’s Ascent Abort-2 flight test preview news conference at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. “We are incredibly excited,” said Jenny Devolites, Ascent Abort-2 crew module manager and test conductor. “It’s such an honour to be a part of this activity and to have this opportunity.”

Orion will help pave the way for Artemis missions to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024 and then Mars.

This test is extremely important,” said Mark Kirasich, Orion program manager. “Our Launch Abort System is a key safety feature of the spacecraft — it will protect the crew members who fly onboard Orion during the most challenging part of the mission, which is the ascent phase.

Schedule for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Ascent Abort2 Test today on July 2nd 2019

Ascent Abort-2 will verify Orion’s abort system can pull the crew module away from an emergency during its ascent to space. The two main objectives: execute the abort by demonstrating it can be completed end to end and collect critical data. There are approximately 900 sensors — including temperature sensors, pressure sensors and microphones —located throughout the vehicle.

At liftoff, the booster will provide about 500,000 pounds of thrust. It will take 55 seconds to ascend to 31,000 feet, travelling more than 800 mph, at which point the abort will be initiated, and the abort motor will ignite. Also igniting will be the attitude control motor, which provides steering.

Twenty-seven seconds after the abort, the jettison motor will ignite, pulling away from the Launch Abort System from the crew module. The crew module will then free-fall and descend back to the ocean. As a backup communication system, 12 ejectable data recorders eject into the water in pairs. The highest altitude reached will be about 45,000 feet.

The next time this whole Launch Abort System flies; there will be crew underneath it in Artemis 2.

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