Watch the One More Orbit Livestream of the Qatar Executive Gulfstream round the world speed record attempt

Qatar Executive Gulfstream Jet One more Orbit world record

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, Doha based Airline Qatar Airways is attempting a world record. Their Qatar Executive Jet is departing at Cape Canaveral in Florida in just a few minutes from now – for around the world speed record attempt. Their transportation of choice is the Gulfstream G650ER, a proven ultra long-haul business jet.

The first leg will take the crew from Cape Canaveral in Florida to Astana/Nur-Sultan the capital city of Kazakhstan, in a flight time of 12 hours and 18 minutes. Other Formula 1 Grand Prix-fast “pit stops” to refuel will be in Mauritius and Punta Arenas, Chile, before returning to the Shuttle landing facility in Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The whole route will take the crew aboard the world record attempt plane from Pole to Pole, faster than anyone before. 48 hours is the aimed goal, hopefully, 23 minutes faster than the current world record from 2008. To celebrate this attempt, and to celebrate the historic landing of humans on the Moon, they have set up multiple cameras on the aircraft, to provide us with a live stream of the event. As there will be no satellite connection right above the poles, “no signal” phases will occur and are indisputable.

As the Livestream seems to face some technical difficulties at the moment, you can also check the current position of the plane on flight tracking-website FlightRadar, here for current first leg of the flight, here for the second leg and here for all the flights of the aircraft:

In case an active live stream will be started again within the span of the upcoming 48 hours, the duration of this world record attempt, you are best informed if you subscribe to the One More Orbit YouTube channel and activate notifications here.

You can also find more “Behind the scenes” Information as well as updates directly from the #OneMoreOrbit Crew on Instagram, directly on the @QatarExecutive (the exclusive business jet division of Qatar Airways).

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Our route around the earth from the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida involves four sectors, and three refuel locations in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan/Mauritius/Punta Arenas, Chile. #OneMoreOrbit. #OneMoreOrbit @one_more_orbit #OMO #QEWithOMO @actionaviationchairman @astro_terry @actionaviation @qatarairways @qatarexecutive @untitledinc #untitledinc #untitled @kennedyspacecenter @nasakennedy @flightradar24 @andersoncooper @underarmour @guinnessworldrecords #GUINNESSWORLDRECORDS @liveutv #LiveU #LiveStreaming #LU300HEVC @inmarsatglobal #spaceflorida #satcom #ebcoms #thecarbonundergound @lundinstudio #roundtheworldrecord @the_explorers_club #gulfstream #G650ER #qatarexecutiveG650ER #Apollo11 #Apollo50 #aeronautics #space #CircumnavigationSpeedRecord #nasa #businessjets #businessaivation #aircrafts #flying #avgeek #aviationlovers #aviationgeeks

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