Hello, Malbun & Sareis in Liechtenstein!

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Oh, that feeling when you’re standing at the very top of a Mountain. Overlooking everything in every direction, but also, not to forget the fresh air you will inhale. True Bliss!

On my first day in Liechtenstein, just after arriving via the Austrian border, I went straight up, to Malbun at 1600 metres. From there I took the chairlift to Sareis, transporting me to a height of 2000 metres above sea level. The views from there are definitely worth the scary 5 minutes I had as I sat alone on the chairlift – I technically wouldn’t say I’m “afraid of heights”, yet I get very uncomfortable when there are suddenly several metres between my feet and the ground, and I’m factually dangling from a moving string.
However, the next time I unquestionably want to be more flexible with my travel schedule, and only visit Malbun when it’s sunny and cloudless, not like the other day, with too many layers of grey covering the horizon and the sun just sometimes peeking through those dense clouds.

In the upcoming days, I’ll post a bit more about my time in Liechtenstein; all my experiences can be also read on

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